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Club Forms

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Adventurer Forms

Adventurer Club Registration Packet 2018 - 2019

Club Director Application

Club Membership Registration

Club Staff Registration

Club Certification Application

Club Medical Consent Form

The volunteer forms can be found on the Risk Management site under Volunteer Forms.

Other Forms

Adventurer Order Form

Adventurer Club Point System

Calendar of Events 2019

Adventurer Club of the Year Information

Outing Specifications Check List (field trips)

Certification of Qualification

Eager Beaver Forms

Requirements Completed in Each Meeting


Check-off Poster

Chips Requirements Completion Overview

Eager Beaver Song Sheet

Curriculum Specific Masters

Play Dough Recipe (p. 56)

Animal Homes (p. 58)

Paper Bag Puppet (P. 70)

Giraffe Hand Drawing (p. 74)

Peacock Hand Drawing (p. 74)

Friends Stick Together Maze (p. 78)

Joseph Coloring (p. 89)

Twister (p. 90)

Bird Seed Picture (p. 94)

Doggy Bone (p. 111)

Tongue Twisters (p. 115)

Leaf Person (p. 119)

Alphabet Faces

Animal Shapes - Bear (p. 133)

Animal Shapes - Cat (p. 133)

Animal Shapes - Caterpillar (p. 133)

Animal Shapes - Penguins (p. 133)

Measuring Up (p. 135)

Fire Fighter Hat (p. 141)


Little Lambs Forms

Registration Form

Health Record

Staff/Volunteer Service Information Form

Field Trip/Outing Planner

Field Trip Permission Slip

Requirements Completed in Each Meeting


Wall Poster

Order Form for Resources

Curriculum Specific Masters

Paper Plate Sheep n Lambs (p. 43)

Lamb Puppet Play (p. 44) & Lost Lamb Painting (p. 51)

Sheep to Shirts (p. 45)

Fishie Feet (p. 85)

Flamingo Prints (p. 90)

Mice Tracks (p. 102)


For more information about Adventurer's, please contact the Oregon Conference Adventurers Director or check out the official Adventurers website provided by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.